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Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes

Our enterprise is the largest manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging in Uzbekistan.

Our enterprise is the largest manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging in Uzbekistan. Our packaging will be pleasing to the eye, sell goods and ensure the safety of the contents.


Creating an attractive corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the first steps to the customer’s heart:

Attractive packaging is the key to a high level of sales;
Attractive packaging makes the buyer assume that its contents will not disappoint;
Simplifies the process of searching for goods;
About 50% of buyers are more likely to turn to the company that provided them with the goods in high-quality packaging.

Gofrokarton - is one of the most common materials in the world for use as packaging, characterized by low weight, low cost and high physical parameters.

Structurally, corrugated cardboard consists of several layers of ordinary cardboard. One layer is even, the other curved:

Double-layer corrugated cardboard, mainly used for laminating (gluing a printed sheet), shock-absorbing linings, wrapping packaging. It is flexible enough and can easily be rolled up;
Three-layer corrugated cardboard. The layers are glued so that the corrugated layer is between flat. It is most often used for the manufacture of medium-sized containers and liners inside these boxes;
Five ply cardboard. It is made so that the layers alternate: first smooth, then wavy-even-wavy-even. It is used for the manufacture of large containers.

A remarkable feature of a corrugated cardboard is that it has different stiffness and shock absorbing ability depending on the direction of pressure on it.

Corrugated cardboard of various profiles has a gradation in the number of corrugations (waves) per linear meter of cardboard. The higher this indicator, the smaller the thickness of the cardboard and the smoother the surface of the product.

In our production, we produce corrugated cardboard of the following profiles:

Nanogofrakarton - has the most corrugations per linear meter. The surface is flat, no traces of corrugation are visible. Very small boxes can be made from nano-corrugated cardboard;
Microgofrakarton - suitable for packaging almost all types of goods from food to industrial products. Suitable for the manufacture of corrugated packaging complex cutting. Packaging well tolerates stacking;
Macrogofrakarton - has high elasticity. Packaging from it is used for fragile products. It has high damping performance (depreciation), the best resistance to stacking.

How not to get lost in the modern variety of brands and types of cardboard and choose the right packaging suitable for your product?

Our qualified specialists will come to your aid and will help with the choice of cardboard packaging, for which:

Explore your product and niche;
Draw the design layout design;
We develop the optimal design;
Let's make a free sample layout.

To create colorful packaging and other products from corrugated cardboard, we use the method of lamination, which consists in the fact that first, on a thin coated or other cardboard, a full-color printing is applied in offset way. Then this cardboard is laminated (and simply glued) to the base - a two-layer micro-corrugated cardboard, consisting only of the bottom layer and the actual “wave”. There are special machines for this. The method of lamination allows you to combine all the advantages of "corrugation" as a packaging material and high-quality offset printing in corrugated cardboard. Cached materials are used where high image quality requirements are required.

In the manufacture of products, we perform such types of post-processing as:

Lamination - coating a printed image with various films. Reliably protects the finished product from damage, gives it a more pleasant appearance, makes the colors brighter and more saturated;
UV varnishing - protects the image, gives it additional decorativeness due to the effect of super gloss, will make it more attractive and interesting;
Die cutting / punching / creasing / perforation - allows you to get the product of its original form, accurately and clearly draw the line of separation or bending;
Kongrev - allows you to get a three-dimensional image;
Embossing - the process of applying foil to a material, application can be performed in different colors with different images;
Piccolo (eyelets) installation - installation of metal rings on the fasteners on the products.