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Our enterprise is the largest producer of cardboard packaging in Uzbekistan.


Our enterprise is the largest producer of cardboard packaging in Uzbekistan. Our packaging will be pleasing to the eye, sell goods and ensure the safety of the contents.


Creating an attractive packaging made of cardboard is one of the first steps to the heart of the buyer:

Attractive packaging is the key to a high level of sales;
Attractive packaging makes the buyer assume that its contents will not disappoint;
Simplifies the process of searching for goods;
About 50% of buyers are more likely to turn to the company that provided them with the goods in high-quality packaging.

CARTON is a type of thick paper, weighing more than 150 g / m2 and a thickness of 0.2-5 mm.

You should pay attention to the following parameters:

Ability to keep fit;
Rigidity is the ability to resist deformation. Too high rigidity leads to an increase in the price of cardboard, and at the same time to fragility of products, and low - to excessive deformation;
Puffiness - compression, the higher this characteristic, the easier the folds on the product are formed;
Density - the ratio of the mass of cardboard to its area (from 230 to 350 - 400 g / m2);
High quality of the connection layers, which will prevent further delamination and provide an attractive appearance of the products;
Whiteness values ​​are important when using cardboard for printed matter. High whiteness will provide color brightness and picture quality;
The smoothness of the surface matters when a glossy coating is applied to it;
Coating strength of the coated layer is necessary for high-quality printing;
Resistance to external environmental factors, implies the presence of a special coating against fat, moisture, etc.
Cardboard is also classified by the number of layers, by applying a special coating, by designation, by the method of production, etc.
When choosing cardboard for packaging, you should pay attention to the strength, bulkiness and stiffness of the material;
When choosing a printing cardboard - on the surface, the application of varnish and paint will depend on the quality. And also you should be careful about the ability to be in the foot and not be deformed;
When choosing cardboard for food products, one should take into account not only the features of cardboard as a packaging material and its environmental friendliness, but also the ability to resist deformation. In addition, if cardboard is used to store frozen and chilled products, then the surface of the cardboard should have a special coating that resists the absorption of fat, moisture and other substances. When storing pastries, confectionery, pizza, cardboard should let air through, that is, be uncoated.

Given that when choosing a package, it is necessary to proceed from what goods you sell to whom you sell it, and also that attractive packaging is one of the most effective tools for influencing human emotions, it is important not to stumble while taking this step.

How not to get lost in the modern variety of brands and types of cardboard and choose the right packaging suitable for your product?

Our qualified specialists will come to your aid and will help with the choice of cardboard packaging, for which:

Explore your product and niche;
Draw the design layout design;
We develop the optimal design;
Let's make a free sample layout.


In the manufacture of products, we perform such types of post-processing as:

Lamination - coating a printed image with various films. Reliably protects the finished product from damage, gives it a more pleasant appearance, makes the colors brighter and more saturated.
UV varnishing - protects the image, gives it additional decorativeness due to the effect of super gloss, will make it more attractive and interesting .;
Die cutting / punching / creasing / perforation - allows you to get the product of its original form, accurately and clearly draw the line of separation or bending;
Kongrev - allows you to get a neat three-dimensional image;
Embossing - the process of applying foil to a material, application can be performed in different colors with different images.
Piccolo (eyelets) installation - installation of metal rings on the fasteners on the products.