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In today's world, it is difficult to imagine a product without a label. Performance labels have an unlimited range.


LABEL (from French etiquette; also label) - a graphic or text mark, applied in the form of a sticker, tag or coupon for a product, exhibit, any other production product, indicating the manufacturer’s trademark, name, production date, expiration date and so on . The label, in addition to the minimum information (name, manufacturer, place of manufacture), contains advertising calls and instructions for use.

In today's world, it is difficult to imagine a product without a label. Performance labels have an unlimited range. Almost every product has its own distinct label.

Market research claims that at least fifty percent of the merchandise sales depends on the proper label design. Therefore, this type of printing, in addition to important information about the product and the manufacturer, should be of high quality, memorable, well-arranged.


Our company produces labels by offset printing method, which allows to obtain high image quality and significantly reduce the cost of the printed product. We can produce labels of any complexity in millions of copies on label, coated, self-adhesive, waterproof and other paper.

Our employees will help determine the choice of the suitable material, create a unique label design, print the print in the best quality.

Our equipment allows for additional label processing such as:

Pantone Printing - allows you to get colors that cannot be reproduced using CMYK;
VD coating with varnish - applying a glossy or matt water dispersion varnish to the surface of the printed material, which protects the publication’s ink layer from mechanical and other types of damage;
UV varnishing - involves continuous varnishing and selective varnishing, with the possibility of varnishing individual elements, gives the products a bright glossy appearance increases the density of the finished product;
Kongrev - allows you to get a three-dimensional image;
Embossing - the process of applying foil to a material, application can be performed in different colors with different images;

Lamination - coating a printed image with various films. Reliably protects the finished product from damage, gives it a more pleasant appearance, makes the colors brighter and more saturated.